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Periodic security scans + running software (tasks) scans and software install scans are essential in today's hostile operating environment.


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Services Offered - 626.375.5472 - [email protected]

Web sites: including e-commerce web stores, online payment processing - easy to  administer yourself...

Web site repair, improvements: and enhancements without rebuilding your entire web site in many instances.

Local marketing:- how many people drive past your place of business but can't find you on the internet when they are ready to learn more?  A good presence on Google Maps, Yelp, etc can really help your business.

Mass/Cold email marketing: it's a bit trickier than it was a few years ago - make sure you are totally ready to go with proper infrastructure and special sending techniques.

Home Automation + Security Video (and complete security systems) - use your phone to check security cams and arm/disarm your alarms.

Entertainment video: put your club or venue online with a mutli-cam simulcast on Facebook and Youtube.

Why I'm new in NE OK...

After 35 years in Los Angeles, I've finally moved back to my old home in Oklahoma, choosing Delaware County on Grand Lake as my new home.

I was transferred from Tulsa out to California in the 80s by TanData Corporation (yes, those Tandys) and built a solid career in computer hardware, then programming.  When the internet started to take off, I climbed aboard and started programming the internet - starting with web servers, then moving up into APIs and server-to-server applications.  I went independent and worked for outfits like the LA Times and Universal Studios (UMG).  That launched me into consulting for hundreds of global projects and dozens of political campaigns, such as becoming National Digital Director for the Draft Carson campaign - the campaign that raised over $26 million without a candidate! 

It was very satisfying career-wise, but I finally had enough of California.  Now I can bring the advanced tech I used to NE OK.

Some might say I bring with me a wealth and breadth of knowledge about the internet and digital application that is unmatched anywhere in NE Oklahoma.  OK, that's pretty fair.

I'm prepared to offer that expertise to my new neighbors, and yes, I'm up for pro bono projects and digital projects launched for the sheer fun of it.

I help your business with a digital plan (and execution) to get your business noticed on Google Maps, Yelp, etc.

But I've also been having some fun with my own home automation:  LED strip lights for docks, HVAC automation that saves on utility bills, security video (and video for entertainment as well).

If you have a need, or just a simple question, you should pipe up right now!  I'll be glad to see if I can help you or your business.  Responses are fast!

[email protected] 626.375.5472

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