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Vigor Theme

shortlink: bit.ly/ron-nb

a theme for highly vigorous social media activism
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The Vigor Theme is for projects with large teams of vigorous digital volunteers, and large numbers admitted to the Nationbuilder dashboard/control panel.  The starting visual theme is whimsical, but the purpose and supported operations are deadly serious: getting the very most from your social media people and their efforts; giving those people the convenient tools they need to excel at their jobs; recognizing & rewarding their efforts.  (NOTE that in this sample, the side drawers are available to everyone, logged in or not.  In actual use, the user should at least be logged in to your site so we can pull their own metrics to log progress.)

  • Recruits more online and out-the-door activists for your campaign
  • Puts online activists right to work with web workplace that supports, measures and rewards their progress
  • Helps out-the-door activists connect with your campaign and measures their progress, too
  • Supports secure, accurately measured, efficient phone banking
  • Customized walk sheets for precinct and neighborhood walks
  • More detailed recruited donation recruitment + competing fundraising teams
  • Much easier access to essential tools for online social media activists 

Near-full-page sliders are available which pull out from the right and left - the left page offering controls for social media workers who are not (yet) admitted to the NB dashboard, but might be FB page admins (etc.), and the right page offering direct access to the NB dashboard for admins and developers while testing on the public pages.

Left and right drawers are separately permissioned so people with access to left menu still may not be able to get the right menu (this demo does not employ that rule).

This theme not only gives you instant access to the tools you'll use every day if you lead a team of carpet-bombing digital activists; but will also help teach you about some easy-to-use capabilities of Nationbuilder that you may not know about!

Recommended slider size: 1400x600

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